Dia de Los Tiki Muertos Wedding Extravaganza

Tiki Dia de Los Muertos is the melding of two of Jason and Meaux’s favorite cultural themes- Vintage American Tiki (Polynesian Pop) and Day of the Dead (Dia de Los Muertos).

Part 1: Why Tiki?

American Tiki is a game of let’s pretend for grownups – cool art, yummy craft cocktails, fun vintage clothes all in an socially inclusive, emotionally soothing environment far, far away from ideas like “the office” or “chores.” Stylistic elements of this interpretation can be found in sources from film (Kon-Tiki, Blue Hawaii) and TV (think Gilligan’s Island) to your local Chinese Restaurant with a Pu Pu Platter and Tiki Mugs. For a more information see: Tiki Lounge Talk

Jason and Meaux decided to incorporate The Tiki element into their wedding planning during their 2012 road trip through New Mexixo, Arizona, California and Nevada. They made a point of visting Tiki bars at every opportunity along the way.

Tiki’s imaginary Polynesian culture resonated with Jason’s love of “actual” Hawaiian culture and the Aloha spirit (he resided in Hawaii for 10 years). In addition to loving most things Mid-Modern he also very much identifies with the escapist longing for the lost paradise. Meaux loved the kitsch and fruity Cocktails! Their goal is to include all of this in their wedding celebration – Aloha Spirit, Kitsch, Fruity “but supremely well balanced” Cocktails and Escapism.

Part 2: Why Dia De los Muertos (Day of the Dead)?

Day of the Dead (DOD) is celebrated throughout much of the Catholic world around the first of November. Dia de los Muertos is both a celebration of life and a chance to remember everyone you have loved who has passed away. A quick overview of the Holiday is available here:

Mexican Sugar Skull DOD History

Meaux discovered Mexican Dia de Los Muertos several years ago and fell in love. She has been celebrating it ever since with parties and food and decorations throughout her house. Starting in 2002 she began hosting a somewhat annual Dia de los Muertos party. The first year Jason and Meaux were dating Meaux had a large Day of the Dead party and Jason didn’t run screaming.

Because they decided to marry in the Fall, it seemed like a natural fit to include DOD elements in their wedding celebration. PLUS it provides an opportunity to honor their dead loved ones via inclusion in a Day of the Dead Altar (Ofrenda) which will be a focal point for both the wedding ceremony and the celebration afterwards.

Please feel free to include a remembrance for any of your loved ones on the altar. There will also be a special “Toast to the Departed” following dinner.

For more information on Mexican Ofrendas, MexicanSugarSkull.com has an info sheet available here:

Ofrenda Info Sheet

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