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FAQ 3: Nut Free Zone

Appease the tiki gods, lower you chance of being chosen for sacrifice, go “Nut Free!”

We have recently learned that one of our guests has a peanut and tree nut allergy. To lessen risk all of the wedding food will be nut free. (Food is processed in bakeries and kitchens that also handle nuts but all reasonable precautions are being followed)


Hotels Near Venue

A few of our guests have been asking about hotels. I confess we have not booked a block of rooms anywhere because so few will require a hotel room. BUT here are a few hotels close to the Wedding Venue and would be easy to cab to the wedding celebration:

A couple of our guests will be staying at the Sheraton

Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel
1550 Court Pl, Denver, CO ‎
(303) 893-3333 ‎ ·

And the Denver Marriot City Center is close:
1701 California St Denver, CO 80202
(303) 297-1300

The Magnolia Hotel is supposed to be fun:
Magnolia Hotel
818 17th St, Denver, CO ‎
(303) 607-9000 ‎ ·


Hey Subscribers!!! We are super excited that you have signed up to receive updates – and I bet you are wondering where the heck are the updates? I promise info is coming soon. Jason and I have just been swamped with sacrifices to the Tiki gods to ensure a happy wedding and marriage but we promise to get on the ball and answer all your burning, wedding related questions!!!

Coming soon:

What is Tiki/Dia De Los Muertos
What SHould I wear?
Are guests at risk of becoming sacrifices?

And many more!!!