FAQ 3: Nut Free Zone

Appease the tiki gods, lower you chance of being chosen for sacrifice, go “Nut Free!”

We have recently learned that one of our guests has a peanut and tree nut allergy. To lessen risk all of the wedding food will be nut free. (Food is processed in bakeries and kitchens that also handle nuts but all reasonable precautions are being followed)


3 thoughts on “FAQ 3: Nut Free Zone

    1. admin Post author

      Additionally; Zack has been given “special clearance” to attend despite the Nut Free Zone. Which is great :)


  1. zack

    Additionally, thanks much… considering he doesn’t really get it yet he is allergic to things it will make life and considerations on our end so much easier. We will be able to operate at a much lower allergy DEFCON level :)


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